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    Apple Charger Nicholas Group, of course, suffered heavy losses, but they will also lose big customers, the loss of a lot of money, and other courier companies are able to take...... It can be said, ups and FedEx and other large companies face Nicholas Group when the time, will feel. very frustrated very tangled. On the one hand want to make it money, on the one hand afraid of its express delivery company to grab their macbook air 2017 charger own market...... To be continued. Chapter 164 The conspiracy April 29, ups and macbook pro retina 13 charger FedEx two courier company ceo side came to the Nicholas Group. Federal Express company ceo Shi Weide, Henry has seen apple charger one side, four or five years old, and he was the founder of FedEx Ups joint courier courier service company chairman and executive director Scott Davis, Henry is the first time to see, wearing glasses, height 1 meter 75 or so, more than 40 years old, suits and ties, a successful person dressed up Welcome two Henry said with a smile, Mr. Shi Weide and Mr. Scott Davies Long time no see. , Mr. Henry Williams Shi Weide laughed at Henry. Henry smiled, Yes, two apple charger or th.

    e. Although Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter L shape Henry said the understatement, but Geely Hurt s heart shock but did not diminish At this time, Henry looked to him, then said In addition to these, we also want to add new features, such. as logistics query function Geely Hutt face difficult to color Road Chairman, this is a little bit difficult Can not do, but do, the workload is too large apple charger For example, the goods every time a station, have to enter MacBook Air Charger information to the computer above, Which will take some time, if the goods apple charger and more, add up to the time is long, will delay the logistics speed You know, some warehouse transfer station daily cargo volume has hundreds of thousands, to the goods into the information, Light typing time, all need several days Well, that s what you know Henry nodded MacBook Air Charger and said, but apple charger it s hard to have to solve it, so you can think of ways to make the warehouse intelligent management, such as the machine to scan the goods, you c. an automatically identify the goods Information is stored on the computer, is not it fast Let the machine apple charger scan the goods Geely Hurt feel that his., only it die my life Flooring and furniture. How expensive how to, anyway, the more luxurious the better. Energy use of nuclear energy, this way, the power is big enough. Speed is apple macbook pro adapter fast enough. Henry is expected to spend 12 billion to build the most expensive yacht in history. At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang, the meal came. Henry opened the door and let them put the dinner on the table. When finished, Henry called Helen come to dinner. After dinner has arrived at 9 o clock. That night Nat. urally two people did not go home to live...... The next few days, Henry stayed with Galaxy film company to accompany Helen, Smith soon brought good news to Henry, he and Tani Ke company has been negotiated, willing to 2.5 billion US dollars to sell NewportNews shipyard, three days later , They will send representatives to come to sign. NewportNews shipyard apple charger once the hand, it is equivalent to have the strongest warships factory. At present the sea, land, air, sent the army equipment...... Three days later, Tenneco s chairman and NewportNews ceo came to San Jose.

    Apple Charger apple charger again Therefore, apple charger Henry is very confident to 360 McAfee s technology, plus cloud killing, and now what the virus can escape his eyes The The Henry dare to say, Nicholas compensation for all losses, naturally targeted, with a strong self confidence On the other side, Geely Hurt soon invited journalists to attend the Nicholas Group press conference. apple charger At the meeting, Geely apple charger Hutt said loudly Welcome to the Nicholas Group s press conference, apple charger at present, a wave of e commerce Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter L shape public opinion storm is sweeping the United States, online security macbook pro 2017 adapter and security to become the most enthusiastic topi. c For this problem, I would like to all of you on the apple charger spot and all the people of the United States, the Internet users say a word, the Internet is a virus right, but we use the anti virus technology PayPal stronger apple charger macbook power adapter By comparison can be found, so far, PayPal Users have never used because of poison and leakage account and password, while Citigroup, Morgan and other bank credit card users due to computer poisoning credit card information disclosure has been more than 50 We PayPa.